Thursday, April 19, 2012

Coptic Easter Enactment 2012 - St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Cathedral Sydney

St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Cathedral, Sydney
Easter Enactment 2012

Pikhrestos Aftonf!

Khristos Anesti!

Christ is Risen!

+ Deacons start chanting: "Ya kolal-sefof". 

+ Sanctuary doors (curtain) closed, lights of the church switched off.

+ Inside Sanctuary, the priest (Rev. Fr. Augustinous Nada) started opening the white linen cloth that has the Icon of Christ From Good Friday's Burial .. 

+ Flowers mixed with Holy Spices that was used at the burial are distributed to congregations at the end of liturgy as a blessing. 

+ Outside the door of the Sanctuary, a deacon stands with a candle light and starts declaring:

+ Deacon:
Ekhrestos anisti
(Christ is risen).

+ Priest:

Alithos anisti
(Truly He is risen).

+ Deacon:

(Lift up your gates, O rulers, and be raised up, O eternal gates.) X 3 
That the King of glory may enter.

+ Priest:

Who is the King of glory?

+ Deacon:

The Lord, the powerful, the strong, the mighty, victorious in battles; 
He is the King of glory.


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